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What is Infinity Film Festival?

INFINITY FILM FESTIVAL was created by two award winning filmmakers who wanted to create an equal space for all short films; regardless of budget or prior success.  We know what it's like to make a no-budget short and always lose out to the big-budget films, so IFF is a place where story and intention matter more.

Where is IFF based?

We're based in West London, England, UK.

How often do you run the festival?

We're a seasonal short film festival, running four seasons throughout the year toward our annual festival held in London.  All films that win awards during one of the seasonal festivals are automatically eligible for the annual festival (selection to be announced early 2022).

Where is the annual festival held?

Currently due to be held in a brand new deluxe, independent cinema called The Chiswick Cinema (subject to change).  You can view their website here.

What can I expect at the annual festival?

The annual festival consists of a full day of screenings for all the nominated films, followed by an awards ceremony and an evening networking event for all attendees.

Do you accept films from outside the UK?

Yes absolutely!  We're huge fans of foreign cinema so actively encourage it.  If the film isn't in English we do ask for English subtitles to be submitted with the film, either baked in or as a separate SRT.  We do have a Best British Film award that foreign films won't be eligible for but other than that it's all to play for.

How can I watch the seasonal selection on the Screening Room?

This page is password protected, you will need a free ticket to this event, you can purchase one on FilmFreeway here - this will give you a password to access the selection for a week!  If you are struggling to view any of the films on this page please don't hesitate to get in touch either by email or any of our socials.

How long does my film have to be?

We accept any films under 40 minutes. Films under 5 minutes are eligible for the Best Micro Short award!

How many films can I submit?

As many as you like!

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